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Sukh Ryatt

CEO at Oak Intranet, Sukh is also a full-time engagement evangelist, part time geek, and after-hours charity fund-raising rock guitarist. Every day, he counts his blessings for having the opportunity to work with the most talented folks on the planet, to create and spread the word about the most awesome intranet on the planet; Oak!

Oak Intranet

We’re Oak Intranet — the team behind your team. Oak Intranet is everything you’d expect from a modern-day intranet, but so much more. A ready-to-go, cloud-based social intranet that’s designed for the employee experience — Oak is like the best intranet you’ve ever seen, but with rocket boosters. With a 23 year history in creating intranets for well-loved brands around the world, Oak empowers your teams with the tools they need to succeed, in one friendly interface. We’ve designed a clean, intuitive solution that allows you to set-up and launch your own intranet at your own pace, without the need for overly-technical or complicated design experience. See more at Oak.com.

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