Intra.NET Reloaded Boston 2018 – a success!

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Movers & Shakers at Intra.NET Boston

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What our conference attendees say

Gained a ton of knowledge on leveraging intranets for organizational collaboration and communication.
Anthony Wheat
Data Intensity
Great event with lots of learning!
Sukesh Kamra
Norton Rose Fulbright
Exactly the information, vendors and colleagues that we needed to connect with at this point in our planning.
Betsy Codding
It was jam-packed, thought-provoking, valuable, and relevant way to spend 2.5 days.
Karissa Millick
I enjoyed the company examples of how they are enhancing their intranets to positively impact their employee experience.
Dawn Tappy
Exceeded my expectations.
Tom Prefling

Business Partners

The event would not have been made possible without the support of our Business Partners.

The crucial role of collaboration in the Industrial Internet

The intra.NET Reloaded Boston brings you all the perspectives of the Digital Workplace and raises your awareness on how to implement and maintain an effective and value-adding alignment of platform tools and technologies with internal communication ratios.
Join us again next year in Boston, USA!

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