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Stream 1 | Solution Study: The Art of Intranet

After pioneering the concept of the intranet way back in 1994, the people at Oak weren’t expecting their own internal intranet project to crash and burn in spectacular fashion in the early noughties. Understandably shocked, they wanted to learn why. They surveyed their growing client base and  found that 69% of them had also fallen foul of the same pitfalls, and unwittingly focused their intranet efforts on beating off the symptoms, rather than the root causes of employee engagement challenges. Even more worrying, many of them didn’t even realise they had a problem at all.

Oak took this information and over the course of 20 years, learned all about the Art of the Intranet to finally emerge as Master Engagement Ninjas. Oak now uses their Bruce Lee-like intranet reflexes to help their customers focus on what really works and to become Engagement Ninjas themselves.

Ajay Sood, founder of Oak, shares these valuable insights to help anyone discover their inner ninja and ultimately defeat their own intranet engagement challenges.

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